How to mix bitcoins correctly and anonymously as much as possible

Follow our recommendations to get truly anonymous bitcoins:

- The first and the most important: do not set only one receiving address on the order page of BESTMIXER. If it is possible use at least two or more addresses;
- You will get a unique BESTMIXERde after your first order. This code ensures your coin will only be mixed with other coins from BESTMIXER pool, but not with your coins. It is an essential part of your anonymity;
- Preset a meaning the custom Service fee at least to tenths or even thousandths of a percent. Do not use the integer value of Service fee to be sent;
- Distribute the sending of bitcoins to the receiving addresses using tenths of a percent, do not make them whole numbers;
- For each receiving address you need to set the delay of sending with an accuracy of minutes but not just hours, and and the longer delay period is better;
- After a successful CAE do not combine amounts from different receiving addresses to one receiving address - it seems convenient but it is definitely wrong for anonymity.

The Mixing Strength Meter will show to you if your settings ensure the proper level of anonymity and allow to adjust them if necessary.

Bitcoin mixer BESTMIXER will ensure the true anonymity to your bitcoins and in order to keep your own anonymity on the web, follow the recommendations of the article 'A guide to personal and financial security when dealing with cryptocurrency'.