Why should I mix my coins?

Cryptocurrencies enable individuals to make fast payments and money transfers for a little service fee. It is often called an anonymous currency, but times have changed.

Each user in a Blockchain network has at least one alias, which is a receiving address. As long as the receiving address is associated with an individual, its owner's financial activity can be traced in the public registry of transactions. Most financial services adhere to policies such as KYC (Know Your Customer policy, which incorporates among other things such procedures as Customer Identification and Monitoring of Transactions) and AML (Anti-money Laundering policy aimed at preventing, detecting, and reporting money laundering activities), this requires clients to provide identification documents in order to use the services of these financial service companies. Even if you use cryptocurrency only for purchasing physical goods, you will still need to provide certain personal information like your delivery address, name, and contact information.
BESTMIXER mixes client's coins using anonymous funds. To defend your transactions from Blockchain analysis, solving them like a huge Sudoku, bitcoin mixer BESTMIXER sends a combination of random split of up to 0.1%% of the intended fund to multiple clients' wallets. Also, to reinforce protection of customers' privacy, we use deferred transactions with accuracy in minutes, and custom Service fees.

Why should somebody know that your wallet is on the list of ‘The 1000 Biggest Wallets’?

In other words, instead of pseudo-anonymity of blockchain network, BESTMIXER provides you with absolute anonymity and freedom.