• How long does it take to complete the mixing process?
    As soon as your coin arrives at our pool, first of miner's confirmation is accepted *, a new and fully independent set of coins, from different unrelated wallets, will be sent to your wallet immediately or with a delay, according to your delivery time settings.
    Note, that, unlike other services, BESTMIXER provides you with the capability to preset the delay of delivery with accuracy in minutes. From the moment a coin is mixed at BESTMIXER, it is impossible to back-trace such a transaction. However, the speed of its exchange depends directly on the supposed blockchain system's operational speed.
    * Also, the number of necessary confirmations depends on the transferred amount and the type of cryptocurrency.
  • How many confirmations does BESTMIXER require in a transaction?
    The number of necessary confirmations depends on the transferred amount, type of cryptocurrency, and it varies from 1 to 6.
  • Have you closed the transaction page accidentally before getting a confirmation?
    It is not a problem at all. After performing your transfer, there is no need to keep the page opened. Your order will be processed according to the preset settings, but not longer than 72 hours. BESTMIXER does not keep any transaction's data later than 72 hours since it is a part of our customer privacy and security policy.
  • How long can I use the incoming address generated by BESTMIXER to transfer coins?
    The generated incoming address is only valid for coin transfer at BESTMIXER, within 24 hours of its generation. In other words, after the first transfer is completed, any other transfer to the same incoming address will be ignored. *
    24 hours later all the transfers to this incoming address will be ignored.
    You will have to contact the Support of BESTMIXER for a refund of unprocessed transfers.
    * If you transfer coins 2 or more times to the same incoming address accidentally, only the first transfer will be processed.
  • How do you protect your clients' privacy?
    BESTMIXER does not store any information about its clients. We also do not request any identification information to use our service. The entire order history is permanently deleted in 24 hours after all mixing conditions have been executed.
  • How many coins can I mix at BESTMIXER?
    The minimum amount of transfer for each type of coin is as follows:
    Bitcoin: 0.001 BTC
    Bitcoin Cash: 0.001 BCH
    Litecoin: 0.001 LTC
    Smaller amounts will be considered as donations and will not be refunded if sent to our wallet. Any amount is allowed to be mixed at BESTMIXER. However, the available amount of requested coin will be displayed before transfer on the order page.
  • What do 'Alpha Pool', 'Beta Pool' and 'Gamma Pool' signs mean in the settings of the Service Fee? And what is the difference between them?
    First of all, it should be emphasized that the efficiency of CAE, Coin Anonymization Event, is the same when using any of these pools. The difference is in the initial history of coins accepted to the pool.

    'Alpha Pool' is a traditional pool operating under the 'Client Client' scheme, where reserves for payments to new clients are formed from coins coming from other clients.

    Reserves of 'Beta Pool' are formed from large-scale transactions of 'Alpha Pool', our private reserves and investors' coins. Thanks to this 'Beta Pool' has larger reserves.

    For 'Gamma Pool', we form our private reserves and attract investors' coins. Reserves of this advanced pool are not related in any way to coins of 'Alpha Pool'.

    Another important difference is that it is necessary to apply BESTMIXERde not to receive your coins back in the subsequent mixing when using the reserves of 'Alpha Pool' or 'Beta Pool'. If you use 'Alpha Pool' or 'Beta Pool' reserves, BESTMIXERde also guarantees a cumulative discount, depending on the volume of mixed coins. When using the reserves of 'Gamma Pool' in the subsequent mixing, it is not necessary to use the BESTMIXERde as it is impossible to get your coins back. The use of BESTMIXERde, when using the reserves of the 'Gamma Pool' in the subsequent mixing, does not give any discount, but fixes the total amount of mixed coins, and it can be used to get discount when using the reserves of the 'Alpha Pool' or 'Beta Pool' in the subsequent mixing.
  • Why should the minimum Service Fee be more than 1.25% to use 'Gamma Pool' and more than 0.75% to use 'Beta Pool'?
    Maintenance of the 'Beta Pool' and 'Gamma Pool' is much more expensive, so the Service Fee for them is higher than for the 'Alpha Pool', which is a traditional pool, widely used in the market.
  • Is BESTMIXER safe enough to mix significant amount of coins?
    Reserves of BESTMIXER are large enough to mix vast amounts of coins without any risk of getting improperly mixed, hence, being vulnerable to trace.
  • What is a Letter of Guarantee?
    Digitally signed Letter of Guarantee confirms that BESTMIXER indeed generated the incoming address. Please download the Letter of Guarantee during the order procedure and keep it as a proof of BESTMIXER's service obligations.
  • What should I do to verify the Letter of Guarantee?
    You can easily verify the Letter of Guarantee, for instance, with this verification service here (https://tools.bitcoin.com/verify-message/) or with your Bitcoin Wallet. And there are just four simple steps:
    • Select 'File' tab;
    • Choose 'Verify Message' (or 'Tools', and after 'Verify Message');
    • Paste in the form: bitcoin address of BESTMIXER (1MixerTY6gWYiHdYzNpKMiXEKwnbkCfdMD), the text of the Letter of Guarantee (copied as a message from the section START/END), digital signature;
    • Finish the procedure by clicking the 'Verify' button.
  • Why is custom service fee safer than minimal?
    Random or custom fee complicates any attempts of analysis of your financial activity related to the transactions. Since the public registry of Blockchain allows to anybody to deduce the receiving address.
  • How does payout delay make my mixing safer?
    The time interval between your transaction and receiving coins back will make it more difficult to find any events correlation. To defend your transactions from Blockchain analysis, we send to your receiving address a combination of random splits of the receiving fund, with accuracy up to 0.1% per split of the total amount. Also, to reinforce the protection of your privacy, we use delayed transactions with accuracy up to a minute; these are important points since these features participate in anonymizing your coin transfer.
  • What is the code BESTMIXER provided me with?
    You will get a unique BESTMIXERde during your first order. This code ensures your coin will only be mixed with other coins from BESTMIXER pool, but not with your coins. It is an essential part of your anonymity. The same code will provide you with the membership in the exclusive discount system.
    This discount is automatically calculated depending on the volume of your operations. After each next operation, your discount will increase proportionally and automatically according to the Discount Table.
  • How long will the order page be available on BESTMIXER?
    The order page will be available on our website within 24 hours; if during this time no funds arrive at the generated BESTMIXER incoming address, the page will be automatically deleted.
    In case funds come at the generated BESTMIXER incoming address within 24 hours, the order page will be available until all conditions of the order, according to the preset settings for delayed delivery of the coin and the transfer amount partition to one or more wallets are performed. Only after that the order page will be deleted automatically in 24 hours.