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Probably, you are expecting to see a link to a website with a '.org.' extension, a company's registration number, an address to an office, a date of registration, the company's jurisdiction, a list of our team, etc.

In case you do, remember you are here at BESTMIXER to anonymize your coin, and for maximum anonymization, your privacy, as well as ours, it is necessary that we remain incognito.

How often does the government change laws? How often do different countries change their views on the regulation of the Bitcoin, their attitude to the blockchain, on ICOs, and on their responsibilities to crypto projects? Most likely the forthcoming years will see existing legislations evolve to or not to suit this emerging industry and perhaps the approaches to the сrypto industry will vary in different jurisdictions.
And for service providers and their clients, this might mean unfavorable regulations from regulatory government agencies. With such unsteadiness in these regulations, the rules might be unfair to the anonymity premise and the independent nature of the blockchain, which would be unfair to users.

At BESTMIXER, our team believes that the anonymity and confidentiality of every transaction are of utmost importance as is the safety of such operation. Hence our company is not registered in any jurisdiction at the moment.

We want to be free on the Internet. All of our rights and obligations are based on the principles of crypto-democracy which we have to form together with you.

We believe that any registered company with such services that we provide which is registered in a jurisdiction that is "anti-transaction-anonymity" would be vulnerable to fictitious compromise, which infringes upon the right of the clients. Also, it relieves such a company or organization from any responsibility to uphold their promise of confidentiality to the client.

Thanks to the Blockchain technology which ensures the trust between us and the client, transparent operations, and the lack of third-party regulators which may affect the terms of our cooperation.

And most importantly, our service is completely anonymous, and we will do whatever is necessary to keep the confidentiality of every transaction, even in different countries and regardless of any public regulator board.